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Jumbo Bright’s 32” displays let you reserve all your precious stage space for your presenters while eliminating teleprompter glass from your image magnification shot.  The optimal viewing range for a 32” display is 15 to 30 feet, which allows you to put Jumbo Bright 32” displays on the floor in front of your stage and maintain the same viewing angle your presenters are used to.  This is especially helpful when using an open stage design or when using a stage in the round.


Base Footprint Dimensions 30" x 32"
Optimal Distance from Speaker 15' - 30'
Top of Glass Height when Pole(s) are Fully Extended 7' 9"
Top of Glass Height when Pole(s) are Fully Retracted 5' 3"
Height of Base 30"
Tempered Glass Dimensions 27" x 30" (3/16" Thick)
Weight of Tempered Glass 14 lbs
Screen Frame Size 26" x 30" (32" Diagonal)
Weight of Base 55 lbs
Total Weight 75 lbs
Video Inputs RGB (VGA Connection) and Composite (BNC)
Power Consumption 300 W
Construction Anodized Aluminum, Tempered Glass
Ability to be Flown (Hung)
or Mounted
Not with Standard Configuration